Impact of Mystery Shopping

Has your restaurant received poor reviews lately?

Do your sales decline when you’re gone?

What if you could have a better picture of what’s really going on?

Have you ever tried a mystery shopping service?

If you’re experiencing in-house issues with your restaurant, Allpoint’s Secret Shopper services is designed to get your business back on track.

The Start-up

It all starts with a great business plan.

Hire the best of the best and conduct precise training with top-notch material.

With high expectations, you look ahead to excellent service - along with excellent food.

But, what really happens when guests visit your establishment thereafter?

  • Are you getting the return on investment from your team?
  • Is your team exceeding expectations and protecting your brand while building your business?

That’s where Allpoint comes in.

Valuable Feedback

What provides a broad picture of guest satisfaction?

  • In-House surveys
  • Online reviews
  • Emails

Mystery shopping goes further. Our Secret Shopper program produces an unbiased, objective, “True Guest Experience” of your business at a deeper level.

Giving you the valuable feedback you need to fix the problem.

Great Shopper Reporting

How do we evaluate your restaurant?

Let’s take a five page detailed shopper report and summarize in 5 bullet points.

  • Beginning with the exterior, is the lighting and landscaping appealing to your guest?
  • Were you promptly greeted upon entering the establishment in a welcoming manner?
  • Was the server knowledgeable of the menu? Friendly and attentive?
  • Was everything timed accordingly from the host to the server to beverages to food to the final farewell?
  • Did the food exceed expectations and was the value in line with restaurant and competition?

Getting to the core of the matter, professionally and honestly.

Hire Professional and Credible Shoppers

Our restaurant professionals and operators are going to produce the most accurate results, as they see the operations through the same set of eyes.

Seeing it undercover from start to finish.

Benefits of a Shopper Program

What are the benefits of a Shopper Program?

  • Provides ongoing training for the team
  • Builds team morale (great teams ambitiously wait to see their name on the next perfect report)
  • Brings the facts while removing complacency, as there's always room for improvement

Our program is designed to find the problem and help you implement the solution.

A Few Simple Facts

For every guest complaint, there are 26 other unhappy guest who have remained silent. - Lee Resource

96% of unhappy guests don’t complain. However, 91% leave and never come back. - 1st Financial Training Services

To ensure the success of your restaurant, contact Allpoint today.


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