Seven Critical Mistakes When Handling a Complaint

1. Approaching defensively

This happens too often when a guest complains about your best server or when you look down at a perfectly prepared dish. Even if you know you're correct, it doesn’t matter. Ensure your guest is happy - remove and solve the problem instantly.

2. Not listening

Listen to your guest, do no interrupt and do not correct them. LISTEN. Your guests give you real feedback on the product and services provided. This is a valuable opportunity to improve operations and systems.

3. Fail to apologize

Apologizing follows listening. And too often is delivered too late, not in a genuine demeanor or not delivered at all.

4. Leave without resolving the guest complaint

Solve the problem, execute the solution and keep the guest informed and up to date during the process

5.Not showing empathy

Put yourself in the guest’s shoes. What if it was your family member sitting there with an empty plate in front of them while the rest of the table uncomfortably tried to eat?

6.Forget to thank the guest.

“For every guest complaint there are 26 other unhappy guest who remained silent.” - Lee Resource Take the time to genuinely thank the guest for allowing you the opportunity to solve the problem.

7.Fail to follow-up.

Follow up once the situation is resolved. Make sure your guest is 100% happy with their dining experience and is leaving happy.

Just remember, great food will never fix poor service. But, great service will always fix poor food. Quality service and exceeding the guest experience is your objective.

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